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Drestyle Theme allows you to set customized style on your nopCommerce store to give attractive look and you will Enable/Disable Promotional Links, Promotional Categories,Promotional Content. Promotional Banner, footer settings , manufacturer slider and Paypal icon & Mastercard icon from admin panel. Additionally, you will get attractive 404 page not found page and holiday notice plugin FREE. We took care for the seo features as well related to drystyle theme.

Rs 16,086.1

Holiday Notice & Effects

Holiday Notice & Effects plug-in allows you to set customized message on your nopCommerce store for the holiday season and you can enable snowflake effect on all the pages of nopCommerce web site theme. Additionally, you can enable sticky footer to show Christmas effect.

Rs 1,616.69

Holiday Notice & Effects V2

This new version of holiday notice & effect UI is self-explanatory, user friendly and very easy to use.it allows you to set up customized message for many festival & all seasons on your nopCommerce store with various image whatever you like to add from your computer. You will be able to change size, color and image of snowflake effect for any pages of nopCommerce web site theme. You will be able to change sticky footer image for the any festival effect.

Rs 4,041.73

nopCommerce API Plugin

This plugin provides a RESTful API for managing resources in nopCommerce.


Zoho Books Connector

Zoho Books Connector allows you to synchronize nopCommerce Products, Customers, Vendors, Orders with Zoho Books items,contacts, invoices and payment received.


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Package validity: 1 month from purchase date. No refund for remaining hours

Rs 16,166.94

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Please check with our sales team before purchasing custom support package. They will provide you rates.